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What can your company expect from Kulana?

Kulana helps organizations worldwide get the most from their technology investments. 

When you hire us, we will: 

  • Analyze the current technology landscape and recommend a roadmap for standardizing it;
  • Define, implement and support a customized technology standardization plan that meets your business needs;
  • Offer expert advice on how to manage complex enterprise architectures as well as help you prioritize investments;
  • Manage the project from start to final delivery, including estimation, planning, design reviews, user acceptance testing, and training;
  • Help you with implementation and support of new components;
  • Offer post-go-live support and identify opportunities for improvement that you can take advantage of once the solution is up and running.
  • Offer dedicated client relationship managers who will be responsible for project execution.

Partner with us to ensure success in your digital endeavors. 

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The Benefits of using Atlas

Atlas offers businesses several benefits, such as:

Ensure compliance with business best practices: it provides a singular view of information about how your technologies interrelate and also helps you determine what to invest in next;

Reduce costs of IT management and maintenance: Atlas solution will ease the burden of maintaining applications and systems by providing automated self-service through a single integrated system of record;

Reduce costly risk: with Atlas Enterprise Architecture, the company can predict the consequences of these changes and their impact on IT, business processes, or security. With this insight into the IT landscape, your company can proactively prevent potential risks such as system malfunction, unexpected costs, and losses due to regulatory violations.

Accelerate time to market: increased visibility into your technology environment allows your development team to develop and produce software more quickly;

Atlas is a system that helps standardize your company’s technology landscape by helping you to identify and prioritize changes, improving your existing technology stack.

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Valuable Atlas Features

Atlas offering is also unique in other ways: 

  • It provides a very flexible licensing model that is very easy to start with and gradually grows as per the company's needs;
  • It is built on Microsoft technologies, so you can rest assured that your investment will be future-proof;
  • Supports both private and public cloud, giving you unparalleled flexibility;
  • Has the ability to integrate with multiple on-premise and cloud-based systems, which makes it easy to handle your heterogeneous landscape.

As a platform for managing change, Atlas provides enterprise architects with the necessary tools to design future-oriented architectures.


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