Each Sector faces unique challenges and opportunities.
Our services and solutions are tailored to suit the needs of each company.

Kulana experience in different industries allows us to have a comprehensive view of each sector and help companies to grow and seize opportunities.

Public Sector & NGO

Kulana offers services and solutions tailored to public institutions and NGOs needs so that their operations, communications and workflows keep up with the technological evolution.

Mining & Construction

Our solutions and services aim to help the Mining & Construction sector keep up with technology, contributing to improve its performance and increase its revenues, through easier management.

Energy & Utilities

By introducing new technologies and with the right service and solution, the Energy & Utilities Sector will be able to reduce costs, improve customer service and overcome the challenges of an ever-changing industry.

Banking & Pensions

Kulana services and solutions help companies acquire and manage products. Through Enterprise Architecture Design and softwares such as CRM or ERP, companies can perform operations in an easy way to get better results.

Agriculture & Health Care

With Kulana solutions and services, the Agriculture & Health Care sector will be able to overcome challenges: manage its resources with more accuracy and increase the efficiency of its operations through greater precision.

Freight & Logistics

The adoption of new technologies allows Freight & Logistics sector to find innovative ways to optimize their operations, deliver quality customer service and save time and money while taking a competitive advantage.

Professional Services

Kulana have the knowledge and technology needed to help Professional Services gain competitiveness. Our solutions guarantee a better understanding of your business so you can remain relevant in the market.

Telecom & Auto

With our solutions and services, Kulana can help Telecom & Auto Sector gain efficiency and ensure greater data security and transparency in order to overcome the challenges related to digital transformation.

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