What will the future of pension funds companies and banks look like?

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The challenges in the banking industry

Banks and financial institutions have to keep up with technological advances. There's a risk if the institutions fail to embrace change quickly enough.

Furthermore, they need to be aware of the ever-increasing consumer demands (especially from millennials), which include:

  • The increasing trend for online shopping and instantaneous transactions (contactless cards, Apple Pay,  MoMo, and other online payment methods).
  • The need for banking to be instant and accessible, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenue.

Finally, the banking industry is highly competitive. It's not just about attracting new customers, but also about retaining existing ones - who can all too easily take their banking business elsewhere.

Get ahead of the competition with our industry-leading software products for the Banking Sector

With the right solution, banking, investing, and insurance activities can overcome some challenges like: data breaches, big data organizations or consumer expectation.

How can Enterprise Architecture Design help the Banking Sector?

Atlas is an application that allows bank institutions to design their IT architecture, search for opportunities to shape the future of their organization, and analyze how likely these opportunities are to happen.

Banks can create views (dashboards) to show planned changes, detect conflicts between plans, and spot discrepancies in planned/actual state.

How can ERP boost banking, investing, and insurance activities?

How can CRM help the Banking Sector to overcome challenges?

Pension Fund companies must overcome challenges

Companies that manage pension funds face several challenges, but some are more common than others.

For instance, one challenge is trying to keep up with the constantly-evolving market. Regulations change frequently. Companies have to adapt quickly.

Another obstacle is keeping up with emerging technologies. Most commonly used tools are outdated, and employees may not know how to work with the software programs correctly.

Customer expectations are another issue. Clients expect immediate responses and real-time updates.

Finally, there is increasing competition. In many countries, different companies and funds offer pensions. It can make it difficult for people to choose one over another because they all propose the same service in a seemingly comparable way.

Stay ahead of the competition with our software solutions for the Pension Fund Sector

The Solutions we provide can help this sector stay on top of technology trends and balance human and tech. It also contributes to solving regulations and compliance struggles.

How can Enterprise Architecture Design help this sector?

Atlas is valuable to companies that sell and manage pension funds because it provides them with an enterprise architecture design that they can use to bring all of their business processes under one roof. 

The software also helps institutions visualize, construct and implement a system that automates all parts of the workflow from start to finish, helping companies keep pace with the demands of the market.

How can ERP boost the Pension Fund companies?

How can CRM benefit the Pension Fund Sector?

Services tailored for the Banking and Pension Fund Sectors provided by Kulana

Kulana’s services are personalized. We work with each customer to tailor the solutions and services for their specific goals. 

We can help banks improve their risk analysis, customer service and increase efficiency.

Our services are designed to ensure the appropriate management of risks by banks and improve the quality of service provided to customers.

For companies that provide pension funds, Kulana offers multiple services enabling these institutions to manage their business more efficiently.

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