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Kulana offers a host of services and solutions for public institutions and NGOs looking to modernize their operations, communications, and workflows. 

Our team helps with everything from digital asset management and cloud computing to workflow automation and email marketing campaigns. 

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The challenges of operating in the Public Sector

Public institutions have always been considered inflexible and slow-moving when it comes to modernizing processes at their core of operations.

Other issues include organizational systems. 

As they are not up-to-date or integrated, this can lead to a lack of communication, absence of collaboration between employees and departments and consequently decrease work efficiency. 

They also face a shortage of skills in adopting these technologies. Employees tend to resist change because they are not knowledgeable about new systems, and are not up-to-date with technology. 

However, many organizations in the Public Sector have adopted newer tools like data analytics, cloud computing, etc., to achieve greater productivity and better serve the public.

Software that helps the Public Sector face their challenges and achieve their business goals

Public Organizations can benefit from digital transformation in many ways because of the nature of work undertaken by the sector. 

These include increased productivity and efficiency, enhanced customer experience, better collaboration, transparency, and improved decision-making.

How can an ERP Solution help the Public Organizations?

When working with ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365, there is a centralized data source and transactions are executed between different departments, which helps share information. 

This is important for the public sector because a significant amount of work is carried out by different teams and departments. Any delay in receiving data from a distinct department can cause problems to the project as a whole.

How can HubSpot and OneContactCC help the Public Sector?

How NGOs can overcome challenges and increase the impact of your efforts

NGOs face several challenges. The lack of networking between them is a missed opportunity to create an impact. 

When organizations compete to achieve the same goal, it is often difficult to work together. This lack of networking amongst NGOs leads to many departments within these charities not knowing about what others do. So, they cannot coordinate their efforts in any meaningful way.

The absence of exposure and appreciation for NGOs' work is also a problem due to their anonymity. It leads them not to get the recognition they deserve, which, in turn, affects credibility with stakeholders.

Likewise, NGOs are forced to compete with each other as donors these days mostly give money only to those organizations who have proper marketing skills and thus need to be well-marketed, or else lose out on potential funders!

Modernize your NGO organization's with these solutions

NGO organizations need to establish their presence online, or else they cannot survive and thrive. 

They also need to be connected to their potential beneficiaries or donors, which is a big challenge as the NGOs are, sometimes, small organizations with limited resources. 

When organizations integrate a softwares like CRM, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics 365, they are best equipped to overcome various challenges.

How can a CRM help a Non-Governmental Organization?

With CRM - HubSpot, NGOs can establish their online presence and connectivity to their donors, which increases the credibility of these organizations. It also improves networking within various NGOs working for different causes. 

Also, HubSpot provides various features like lead scoring, automated email marketing, analytics, and many more features to improve the performance of these NGOs. 

How can OneContactCC help NGOs to overcome challenges?

How can Microsoft Dynamics 365 help NGO sector?

Services tailored for the NGOs e Public Sector Organizations

The Public Sector and NGOs have a set of constraints that put them at a disadvantage in the technological arena. 

In some cases, the problem is cost. In others, it's time to implement and customize new platforms or solutions.

Regardless of the case, Kulana has developed specific services for each sector: Data Analytics Practice, Cloud Migration Consulting Service, Digital Transformation Consulting, and Enterprise Architecture Design. 

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