What are Cloud Migration Consulting Services?

Cloud migration can be a nightmare for businesses that seek to optimize the value of cloud economics versus traditional IT.

Moving to the cloud can be a complex process that requires an in-depth knowledge of both legacy infrastructure and current operations.

The reality is that most companies aren't prepared for the migration process, which results in poor user experience, loss of data, downtime, or even security breaches. 

The decision to migrate from on-premises infrastructure or software solutions to an external provider should not be taken lightly. A poorly executed migration could cripple your business for weeks, months, and in some cases years.

What to do next ?

If you’re looking to migrate from your traditional IT infrastructure to cloud computing, but feel overwhelmed by the complexity of this transformation, don't hesitate. We can help make this transformation smooth.

Kulana’s consultants help you choose your cloud provider, design your new infrastructure or migrate your existing infrastructure into the new cloud. 

The Cloud Migration Consulting Service is designed to help you devise an effective strategy for moving to the cloud without incurring unnecessary risks or project delays due to missteps along the way. 

All this without interrupting operations while reducing costs through optimized resource utilization and automation of processes. The result is more efficiency and less errors made by human causes.

Your company may benefit from the services in the following:

Kulana provides full life-cycle support for every step of the migration process, including data gathering, network configuration, and system integration on multiple platforms. 


Kulana is a leading expert in cloud migration, cloud computing and hybrid infrastructure. 

The Cloud Migration Consulting Services is designed to help you devise an effective strategy for migrating to the cloud. You'll be able to get back to focusing on other aspects of your company while we take care of all the technical details related to this process.

Besides all the obvious benefits – such as access to improved and more cost-effective technology – there is a range of 'business' benefits: 

Decreased IT staff headcount (saving on salary and training);

Freeing up time for IT staff to focus on other projects (increasing their productivity);

Faster service set-up (reducing time to provide new services);

Immediate access to top subject-matter experts;

Increased business insight (thus enabling better decisions for future growth);

Reducing risk (by having professionals handle all cloud migration tasks).

Cloud Migration it’s not just about technology. It's also about how people work together, and working differently, will have an impact on your business. This means that there must be a clear understanding of what this looks like from a business perspective, as well as technical.

Partners and Certifications

We are proud to be one of the top providers of cloud migration services in the industry. With partnerships with leading vendors, our team is your best bet when it comes to migrating data seamlessly into a cloud platform that meets all of your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cloud Migration Consulting Services

What does cloud migration consulting service involve?

A typical cloud migration project will include:

  • Gap analysis: what are the current and future capacities of your solution(s) and process(es)?
  • Assessment: how does this compare to alternative solutions (including both cloud and traditional on-premise solutions)?
  • Selection: which cloud provider makes the most sense for your organization and solution(s)?
  • Mapping: what is the best way to map your existing solution(s) to the selected alternative, including data mapping?
  • Implementation: how will this be implemented so that you get the best value out of it?
  • Planning: what will be the impact on your business? What is the desired outcome, and how do we get there?
  • Monitoring: what metrics should you monitor to ensure that things are going as well as they could be?

The last step includes the support decision. Who maintains the solution now and in the future?

Which servers will be covered by the migration?

How long will it take?

How much will it cost?

Are there any risks involved?

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