What is Data Analytics Practice?

Businesses are turning to data analytics and machine learning for insight. They need to extract value from their data, but most of them don't have the right resources or skills. So they need help from professionals.

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Data analytics is the process of collecting data and using it to gain insight into your business. The central concept of data analysis is to collect relevant information from various sources, process it and extract insights. 

Companies use this practice to predict what will happen with their customers in the future, provide advice on how to improve their products or services and more. 

We, at Kulana, are a data science and analytics consulting firm that specializes in providing insights for businesses.

How to get started?

The first thing to do when getting started with data analytics is to work together to determine what kind of analyses are needed for your company or organization's goals. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a plan for your company's specific needs. 

Understanding the specific requirements of your business and having knowledge about various tools that can be used to extract meaningful insights will help you get better results from analytics - which in turn would mean better decisions. 

It's critical to find a balance between what information you require and how much time it takes to gather it.

The more relevant information that can be found in your data and which has not yet been discovered will lead to gaining better insights into your business. 

We'll create an in-depth analysis that outlines exactly what you should be doing to start using data analytics effectively in your business, including which tools you should be considering, which partners could help out along the way and more!


Data analytics practice services allow you to gain new insights and find answers to your questions about your business: 

It can help organizations predict what will happen in the future, so they know ahead of time how their decisions may affect them and take appropriate measures before it is too late.

Data analysis does not need large sums of money or time commitments from you or your team members. These benefits enable small-to-medium-sized to be able to profit. 

Data analysis benefits companies by helping them make better decisions based on predictions that are made possible when using past company information. 

More accurate decision-making means more efficient business operations, which leads to a higher success rate and means more revenue for the company. 

Helps them understand their customers better, which will lead to increased customer loyalty and increased conversion rates. 

Companies also benefit from better customer service, which is achieved by knowing what their customers like or dislike, how they feel about certain products and what messages will be most successful for them. 

Partners and Certifications

Some of our most relevant certifications are displayed here. We also have a wide range of strategic partners, so you can be sure that whatever your needs may be met with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions about Data Analytics Practice

What types of data are included in the analysis?

The data is gathered from a variety of sources and can include information such as phone or email contact history, products purchased by customers over time, call center logs/notes with information about customer interactions. 
Also, may include data from CRM systems or databases about customers, suppliers, employees, etc. Emails sent by customers through email marketing platforms could also provide valuable data insights when analyzed. 

What tools are available to extract, clean, analyze and present the data?

Why should my company collect data when I already have enough information available through my systems?

How can your Data Analytics service ensure data quality?

What can be done with the results of your analysis?

What are the common pitfalls to avoid when collecting data?

What are the areas that might affect data quality?

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