The Next-Gen IT Academy provides a broad range of diverse training bundles, each comprised of a set of courses dedicated to a specific topic area.

Training is available via virtual and on-site workshops, as well as self-paced study kits and eLearning subscriptions. 

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Training Goals

The Next-Gen IT Academy is dedicated to providing a comprehensive curriculum of training courses and certifications focused on industry-standard technology innovations that have become important and relevant to mainstream IT. 

Fields of practice covered by the Next-Gen IT Academy curriculum include Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT Architecture, Cybersecurity and Business Intelligence.


Program Structure

For each topic area covered within the Next-Gen IT Academy, a set of 3 courses is developed. These courses can be taken for training and exam preparation purposes. For each topic area covered there is a single final exam. Achieving a passing grade on this exam achieves a certification that is automatically issued by Arcitura. 

Exams are made available via Pearson VUE online proctoring, Pearson VUE testing centers and via on-site delivery by Certified Trainers.

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Business Technology Module 1 Business Automation Technology Overview

This course provides introductory, non-technical coverage of Cloud Computing, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the Internet of Things (IoT). The course content is intentionally limited to understanding the drivers, benefits, goals, risks and challenges of these technologies. This course is indented for non-technical managers and IT professionals that only require a general understanding of the topics.

Business Technology Module 2 Data Science Technology Overview

Business Technology Module 3 Digital & Security Technology Overview

RPA Module 1 Fundamental RPA

RPA Module 2 RPA Module 2

RPA Module 3 RPA Lab

Cybersecurity Module 1 Fundamental Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Module 2 Advanced Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Module 3 Cybersecurity Lab

Containerization Module 1 Fundamental Containerization

Containerization Module 2 Containerization Technology & Architecture

Containerization Module 3 Containerization Technology & Architecture Lab

Internet of Things Module 1 Fundamental IoT

Internet of Things Module 2 IoT Technology & Architecture

Internet of Things Module 3 IoT Technology & Architecture Lab

Artificial Intelligence Module 1 Fundamental Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Module 2 Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Module 3 Artificial Intelligence Lab

Machine Learning Module 1 Fundamental Machine Learning

Machine Learning Module 2 Advanced Machine Learning

Machine Learning Module 3 Machine Learning Lab

Blockchain Module 1 Fundamental Blockchain

Blockchain Module 2 Blockchain Technology & Architecture

Blockchain Module 3 Blockchain Technology & Architecture Lab

DevOps Module 1 Fundamental DevOps

DevOps Module 2 DevOps in Practice

DevOps Module 3 DevOps Lab

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