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As a business owner, you know that employee training is crucial to your success. But it can be hard to find the right training for your employees, and even harder to get them excited enough to attend one.

Kulana Academy - in collaboration with ARCITURA - has been helping businesses train their employees by offering a wide range of online courses designed by professionals and experts in the IT field.

Arcitura has appreciated by thousands of individuals for the quality and prominence of their certifications in the digital era.

Digital Transformation Professional Academy

The Digital Transformation Professional Academy was created by leading industry experts who have spent years researching how organizations make successful transitions into new technology implementations.

This program encompasses many specialized tracks for IT professionals, each addressing specific skill sets, common in the field associated with projects related to digitization initiatives within enterprises today.

Big Data School

Big Data is the future of technology, but it's also a field that requires specific skills and knowledge.

The Big Data School offers an online training program for IT professionals looking to gain knowledge about Big Data science, analysis, analytics, business intelligence, technology architecture, and design development from industry experts with real-world experience in these fields. 

Next GEN IT Academy

The Next-Gen IT Academy from ARCITURA covers the latest industry standards in technologies like RPA, AI, Cybersecurity, IoT, Blockchain, Containerization, Machine Learning, DevOps, and more to provide your employees with a holistic understanding of applying these tools.

This growing curriculum encompasses a set of specialized tracks, each of which provides formal training and accreditation in a distinct and contemporary field of practice.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) school

SOA is an approach to solving business problems that require you to think differently about how you design, build, deploy and manage your applications.

This course teaches IT specialists the technical skills needed to put end-to-end solutions for present-day, services-based automation solutions.

Our program offers hands-on learning through our unique “learn by doing” methodology, which enables students to learn at their pace. 

Cloud Certified Professional

As a leader, you need to start thinking cloud-first and integrate it into your business strategies if you want to stay competitive in today's economy.

If you want to empower your employees on how to leverage the power of cloud computing, then this course will help you reach your goals.

The certification includes everything from basic concepts like SaaS and IaaS to more advanced topics like disaster recovery and security. 

Training Typology



Workshops are great for professionals or groups of employees who want to learn skills on their own time with instructor guidance. 
A workshop is a hands-on meeting where people come together in person to share knowledge or ideas about something they have in common. They usually include presentations by an expert followed by discussion. 

Professional Classes

Professional Classes

Professional classes offer more in-depth instruction from professionals with years of experience in an area. These classes are designed for advanced skills training and for those employed in management positions, so they can stay up-to-date on current practices. 



Our onsite classes are ideal for companies that require their workers to be trained on-premise. It will usually consist of a resource person training employees or representatives of the client in our training center. This type of learning allows for new information to be shared instantly and directly with trainees, so they can see how things are done first-hand.

Virtual / Online

Virtual / Online

Virtual/Online training is another way we train workers remotely by utilizing video conferencing. In this situation, employees log into an online portal and watch live or recorded videos shared from their computer screens. This option allows for convenience since trainees can do it whenever they have free time at work or home without disrupting others around them.

Our team

Our team is passionate about empowering professionals through education because we believe that everyone deserves access to quality training that fits into their busy lives – no matter how technical or non-technical they may be! 

Isaac Oteng


Philippa Botchey


Frequently Asked Questions about Training

Can Kulana help me decide which type of training is best for my employees?

Kulana Academy can help you decide which type of training is best for your employees through a free consultation call. We will work with you to understand your company culture and goals, as well as the specific needs within each department. This way, we can recommend the appropriate learning method(s) that will provide maximum benefit at minimum cost. 

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