Solutions for Logistics and Freight businesses to remain competitive

Logistics and freight companies that adopt new and relevant technologies, gain a competitive advantage and are better prepared to adapt to market forces.

The improvements include implementing workforce management solutions, using real-time communication tools between suppliers, warehouses, and clients, which creates better customer service - as well as being able to respond faster to new demands from consumers.

Kulana provides services that are valuable to companies in these industries. We've helped them save time and money while improving their service levels!

Overcoming challenges in the cargo and logistics industries through technology

Logistics and freight struggle to keep up with their competition with the shift to online shopping. Businesses are moving away from traditional brick-and-mortar establishments towards this new form of e-commerce that offers benefits for both customers and sellers.

In an industry that has been slow to adapt, logistics and freight companies must now focus on delivering quality customer service while optimizing their current operations. 

The main challenges they face include:

  • Real-time visibility into available inventory at a given location

The supply chain needs to track and manage inventory from multiple warehouses, stores, or locations. It requires a labor force and efficient software for data sharing across the supply chain. As a result, companies gain higher levels of transparency.

  • Manpower Management

In logistics and freight, companies need a faster, smarter, and more organized workforce system to log all the incoming and outgoing products.

The system must provide companies with information about where their employees are, what they're doing, and how to best utilize the company's human force.

  • Data sharing across the supply chain

The more data shared across the supply chain, the more transparency it creates, which enables better decisions for businesses. This change makes it possible for any company along the supply chain (manufacturer, retailer, warehouse, etc.) to provide their customers with a full view of the product.

  • Search for more efficient ways to handle, transport, and store inventory 

Automation of manual processes within the warehouse, including manually entering data into systems, is time-consuming and prone to errors. 

Advancement in technologies offers more automation tools that increase the accuracy and speed of data entry. Using robotic process automation, for example, utilizes software robots to perform complex business processes. 

  • Expanding into New Markets

Companies are finding new ways to get their products to market faster and generate more sales. This expansion will ultimately help them grow their business operations.

Solutions to overcome Freight and Logistics challenges

Kulana offers solutions that provide real-time data, accessible to the entire organization, regardless of location or time – including warehouse management systems and transportation management systems. Our solutions also contribute to creating transparency and efficiency across your team and fostering relationships with customers.

How can ERP give a boost to Freight and Logistics companies?

ERP has many functions that can help logistics and freight organizations, including financial management, supply chain management, project management, operations management, and human capital management modules.

These modules work together to give a holistic picture of the company's business intelligence. Specifically, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers modules that cover the entire breadth of logistics and freight companies' needs. This includes applications for all aspects of a company's business to operate seamlessly from order tracking to the bill payment.

How can Hubspot (CRM) help this sector overcome its challenges?

How can OneContact CC (CRM) benefit Freight and Logistic Sector?

Kulana provides services that help logistic and freight companies gain more profit

Our services can help you understand the areas of your business where technology has an impact, and how it can transform your business processes and overall performance.

For example, migration to cloud-based technologies helps logistics and freight companies have real-time data accessible to the entire organization regardless of location or time. It gives companies access to better inputs which in turn helps to make better decisions for businesses and consumers. This improves both business processes and performances. 

Digital Transformation is another service to help logistics and freight companies that are crucial to business needs. With digital transformation, you can move into the future as a more efficient and agile team than ever before.

Other services include Data Analytics Practices, Enterprise Architecture Design, Cloud Migration, and many more.

So if you are looking for how your company can improve its supply chain Kulana has the services that will help you get started! Our services are personalized, so you can be confident that we're working with you to find the best solutions for your company.

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